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We can no longer define success
as just greater profits.  That is obviously important -
no margin, no mission.
But, true success leads to a stronger, healthier community and environment, as well.  
  - Jay Coen Gilbert.   

Inspired by Genesis 2:6, Mist Rising is a social enterprise firm providing services that enable people, business, and community to rise together. 


We provide support and advice to entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals looking to start-up, develop their concept, grow their business, or serve their constituents in a manner that allows them to do well, while producing outcomes that give rise to good for the community.


Services for:

> Entrepreneurs


> Non-profit Organizations


> Community Leaders


> Grassroots & Faith Leaders

> Policy & Decision Makers

> Political Candidates

> Public Agencies


With Fenika, there was no need to worry about the process. Our Board felt comfortable and in good hands. ”

Going into business for myself could have been very stressful. Luckily, Fenika was there to guide me and connect me  with the resources to launch successfully. 

My wife and I met Fenika at a Minority Business League networking event.  We used her services because we needed the assistance of a culturally competent consultant.

  Eva, Educational Services

  Nici, Holistic Services 

  Leary, General Construction Services

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