She's All In!



As a mom, a grandparent, and a mentor my eyes are trained to see the potential in our children, and our job is to create pathways for them to be leaders in the future.  I will support policies that invest in early childhood education, prioritize full long term funding of public schools, and work to establish debt free college.


A skilled and educated workforce, small businesses, and innovative entrepreneurs are directly tied to a thriving and diverse economy. Investments in small business incubators, career training programs, and workforce development are tools to help people and the economy grow. I will support bold plans to attract new businesses and development to our city, and continue to maintain a strong commitment to Robins AFB. 


Too many Georgians continue to struggle to obtain the health care they need, and the assurance that they won't go bankrupt if they get sick.  Our district needs an advocate who is prepared on day one to eliminate the health coverage gap,  expand Medicaid, infuse millions of dollars into our local economy, and to increase access across our state so that workers, entrepreneurs, and the uninsured can see a doctor and benefit from mental health and substance abuse treatment. 


Our community is growing.  Each day, we welcome new service members and their families - men and women from around the world - of different faiths, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds. We gain neighbors who are seeking a better quality of life, or a safe place to call home. I will work to enact policies representative of the values of a diverse community -  equitable opportunity, equal rights,  social and economic justice - and I will ensure that  ALL our voices are included at the policy-making table.


People are working harder than ever, but the cost of living - from housing to childcare to utilities to transportation - has increased, while incomes have remained flat. Our state must invest in policies that allow families to get ahead -- not just get by.  I will fight to provide relief for seniors and families, and work to create a state budget that provides economic opportunity for all.


I have always been taught to believe that education is the great equalizer. It is a metric for economic viability, quality of life, and a solid foundation for all of our children. Georgia must prioritize full, long term funding of PRE K-12 public education. I will be courageous enough to work towards modernizing the QBE funding formula to meet the needs of a global learning environment. We must also ensure that resources are placed inside the classroom, allocated to teacher pay and for the safety of students in our care.


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